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Leaders used to lead by leading


September 17, 2020

To The Eagle:

Given the current state of the historical fires burning all up and down the West coast, one might wonder why the ineffable leader of the free world has nothing to say and nothing to offer either in platitudes or resources. Oh, I forget, all three states are strong Democratic bastions of what once was an America living with a Constitution that proscribed certain laws of governmental conduct.

My impatience allowed me to start this letter before the latest news reveals that our esteemed leader did finally make it to California in time to blame poor forest management for the fires ravaging the state. In one regard he is perfectly correct but picking up the forest floor really isn't the prescribed answer. Claiming that when trees get really dry they explode was something I'd never realized before. When pressed on the climate warming he said not to worry because it would cool down. Now that's what I call real leadership!

Kudos to one astute reader for noticing my letter from a couple weeks ago. It has long been my practice, whether living in Anchorage, Ak or Vancouver, Wa., to cast bait upon the public waters just to see what or who bites. Given that, I begin to fear that said reader's power of observation surpasses that of his comprehension.

Within just the past week we're learning that our fearless and most thoughtful leader didn't want to alarm us with the truth in regard to the danger and lethality of the virus currently sweeping the planet. Just this evening I heard him comparing himself to Winston Churchill. Uh, I sort of remember reading that Churchill had warned his citizens about the coming horror of the night raids over London.

Glad when I was an active duty Marine I could believe my leaders when they'd tell us to watch out, as if we needed to be told! Leaders lead by leading, at least it seemed so in days of yore. Ah, the good old days. Let's all make America great. You know what to do.

James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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