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We need a non toxic solution


September 17, 2020

To The Eagle:

A public notice was sent to waterfront property owners regarding the upcoming application of herbicides to treat for aquatic and algae plants. There are several herbicides that will be used as well as salts and adjuvants (aides in improving herbicides to adhere to plants).

I did some reading on the chemicals that will be used, some scientific and some in layman’s terms. All have some toxicity to aquatic fish and organisms, insects and bees, and humans. Not surprising. Most were tested on animals, including monkeys and beagle dogs. Also on humans including oral doses on women and men, a intervaginal dose on a woman, as well as invitro testing on human liver, lung, and kidneys.

You may be interested in doing your own research and question why we are purchasing and using these chemicals from companies that test this way. You may also want to protect anything you have sitting in or near the waterways.

The sky is not falling but I would be cautious. I know there is a huge problem with the aquatic choking of these waterways. We live on welcome slough and have watched it go from a bother to a real problem. We live close to the opening to the Columbia where we can only go out in our boat at high tide. I can’t imagine what it is like at the dead end of the slough. I’ve only witnessed it.

There is no doubt in my mind that this project will go through this year. Whether it’s the right thing to do is another matter. We need to research other solutions to this problem. Maybe think about a program to recycle the product for composting and reward the property owners for removal. Dredging the slough could help as one of the reasons for such a bloom is slow moving water that has also caused the slough to fill in. We need a non toxic different solution and not just a quick fix with chemicals.

Kristin Lee

Puget Island


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