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Vote RED, Remove Every Democrat


September 24, 2020

To The Eagle:

It’s pointless to point out the differences between the current SCOTUS battle and the one in 2016; Executive/Senate different Parties, 2nd term lame-duck president, hypocrisy of politicians because it just doesn’t matter.

No quarter should be given to Democrats that smeared (and still smear) Justice Kavanaugh as a gang rapist without any evidence while calling those who disagree with them racists and fascists. No more niceties for Democrat leaders who bail out violent rioters putting them back on the streets to loot and burn.

No More Mr. Nice Guy for Democrats who defame citizens that protect themselves and their property when urban law enforcement can’t - or are ordered - to not show up.

Democrats threaten. Sen. Schumer said “Nothing is off the table” if the president does his constitutionally mandated job of appointing a Supreme Court Justice. Just as a reminder, here are things that were apparently already on the table: 1. Shooting up GOP baseball games. 2. Allowing supporters to burn cities. 3. Staging coups against a democratically elected president. 4. FBI collusion/perjury traps. 5. Leaking classified information.

Hollywood, MSM and academic hysterics “Wave the bloody shirt” of taking away women’s reproductive rights, the meat and potatoes of Democrat scare tactics and fundraising for 40 years, as they continue to alienate the public. Recently they’ve added “LBGTQ in chains” to the never ending imaginary list of GOP evil intentions.

The recent successes of the president are huge: Two mideast peace deals, peace between Serbia and Kosovo. Meanwhile, The Party of Jefferson has stated the intention of disrupting a national election by allowing voting to go on, two days after the polls close (Mich), and blatant ballot harvesting with untested mail-in ballots (it worked in Orange County CA). They have clearly stated their objective of regaining power by any means necessary. We can’t let them. In November vote RED: Remove Every Democrat.

Adele Swift



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