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We can try again


September 24, 2020

To The Eagle:

Last week’s letters contained more complete sentences and intelligent commentary than President Trump has used during his entire first term. Everyone’s opinions were expressed clearly, using words that no one would have had any difficulty understanding.

I empathize with Poul Toftemark’s despair upon having his campaign signs destroyed by local yokels. As saddened as he is that “it has gotten this ugly in such a short time,” I am both saddened, and angry, that it has been this ugly for four long years. That absurd statue down the road has been supplanted as Wahkiakum County’s official roadside eyesore, by that ridiculous “If you like riots vote for Biden” sign. Of course! It’s all Biden’s fault! Behold the surreal logic of the alternate universe inhabited by Trump and his cult. In the humor department we have this. A Marxist at the tavern bar shouts “drinks for everybody!” The bartender asks “what kinda drinks do’ya want and how’r’ ya gonna pay for ‘em?” To which the merry Marxist replies “serve everyone according to their needs and I’ll pay according to my ability!” Perched on a stool to his left is a drunken socialist who says “I have a better idea. Have each customer pay for some other customer’s drink. Everybody will get their drink paid for by someone else and they’ll all think they’re drinking for free!” The bartender, a wily capitalist, immediately doubles the price of everyone’s drinks. The End.

Even intelligent, hopeful people who know better, have fallen prey to attractive scams. The lies. He had his chance, and America’s trust. He squandered both. We can try again. Your ballot will be arriving soon.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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