What would we do without The Eagle?


September 24, 2020

To The Eagle:

My sister and I, like many of the rest of you, look forward to receiving our local community newspaper, The Eagle, in the mail every Thursday. Through the years, it has added small, relevant features that provide and keep the interest of the community sparked. It also provides a common community forum in which opinions and ideas can be openly expressed by intelligent and community caring people. We do not always agree with the other, but we all are given an opportunity to exercise our right to express ourselves, keeping in mind the game rules of respect and appropriate content that our Eagle editor has rightly specified for us to use. It is good and healthy to be aware of all points of views. Agreed?

Now, ask yourselves this, what would we do without The Eagle to look forward to in our mailboxes each week?

Thinking on it, The Eagle provides a common place where we can all ‘meet’ each Thursday. It keeps us interwoven together in similar, significant ways a family strives to work and come together. In today’s world, we need to appreciate every little way that makes our community life precious and viable and energized!

So, I thank you, Rick Nelson, for being dedicated, caring, and open, for the part you play, for the part your reporting elves play, providing the means to help connect and weld our community together in wholesome, provocative ways. Thank you for the sacrifices you make, working to keep The Eagle alive and thriving, sharing and showing your love for your hometown community in such a humble, giving way.

Pam Below Lazor



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