Takko cares about us


October 1, 2020

To The Eagle:

I fondly remember the day I first met Dean Takko. After the normal introductions, I asked him how his day was going. He told me he had spent the morning trying to get a widow’s benefits straightened out. “Really?” I asked. “Well, yes. If I’m not there to do it, who will?”

Many times since then Sen. Takko has told me stories of helping constituents with personal issues. Things a senator would normally “staff out.” But that simply is not Dean. Yes, he sees the big picture issues that will benefit all of us like transportation, fish & game, and employment to name just a few, but he also cares about us as individuals.

I want both of these qualities in my state Senator. And best of all, Senator Takko has experience. This is not the time to give up our political strength in Olympia. We need a seasoned leader to represent the entire 19th district, and in this house, that is Dean Takko.

Jennifer Langley



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