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Westend News

Just another reminder that although there are no longer senior lunches at the Rosburg Hall, the Lower Columbia Community Action Program, better known as CAP, has begun delivering take out lunches to Rosburg Hall for pickup on Thursdays between noon and about 12:15 p.m. If you have participated in the CAP luncheons in the past there is nothing you need to do but call Diane Hollenbeck at 360-465-2991 to place a lunch request. Anyone new to the program will need to fill out a short form for CAP.

October’s menu will consist of the following: Oct. 1--Chicken cacciatore, brown rice, glazed carrots, sliced melon; Oct. 8--pork chops and gravy, mashed potatoes, broccoli normandy, mandarin oranges; Oct. 15--turkey pot roast, steamed potatoes, carrots and mushrooms, sliced oranges; Oct. 22--beef chili, fiesta veggies, spinach salad, corn bread; Oct. 29--sausage tortellini bake, Caesar salad, tropical fruit, garlic bread.

Anyone who wishes to receive a lunch for all or any given week should contact Diane Hollenbeck at 360-465-2991. If you would like a lunch but cannot come to Rosburg Hall for pickup, Diane will deliver your lunch. Any questions, contact Denise Rae at (360) 425-3430 extension 259.

Naselle News

The Appelo Archives Center (AAC) is proud to announce the President of the Finlandia Foundation National (FFN) will visit Naselle Community Center, Appelo Archives Center, and Ullakko Farm House. FFN President Anne-Mari Paster has shown an interest in visiting the Astoria and Naselle area of the Pacific Northwest to meet and interact with the Finnish community.

Finlandia Foundation National attendees will include Anne-Mari Paster, President of FFN from Lexington, Mass .; Maria Kizirian, FFN executive assistant to the trustees from Los Angeles; Katariina Lehtonen, FFN trustee and FFCPC member from Lake Oswego, Ore .; Tim Nurvala, FFN trustee from Philadelphia, Penn .; Dirk Schulbach, FFN treasurer and trustee; Member of FFCPC and Finnish Brotherhood from Portland; Sabrina Linnala, Finnish friend of Maria’s from Seattle; Pirjo Schulbach, member of FFCPC, FFN, FFN Scholarship Committee and Finnish Brotherhood from Portland; and Al Wulff, FFN member from Philadelphia.

Appelo Archives Center attendees will include Steve Ullakko: AAC president; Allan Wirkkala: AAC vice president; Don Raistakka: AAC board member; Anneli Raistakka, volunteer and Finnish translator for foreign documents/books/etc .; Anita Raistakka: library manager, former board member; Merle Reinke: former original board member; Kelly Shumar: board member, former director; and Annika Kay: AAC director.

Naselle Community Center attendees will include: Jennifer Boggs, chair of Finnish American Folk Festival (FAFF); Mike Swanson, treasurer and past chair of FAFF; Barb Swanson, secretary of FAFF; Darlene Bjornsgaard, past chair of FAFF, long term member and active Finnish community member; Dorothy Smith, long term member of FAFF and active Finnish Community member, Darlene's sister; Susan Holway, founder of FAFF; and Steve and Audrey Ullakko, members of FAFF and the community center committee (part of AAC list too).

The itinerary will include a tour of the Naselle Community Center; Appelo Archives Center tour and Finnish-based refreshments; and the Ullakko Farm House.

The visit is limited to a select guest list in order to comply with social distancing regulations of small gatherings indoors; however, Appelo Archives Center will document the visit and add a new page on their website for anyone interested in following the assemblage. This will allow the opportunity for those interested to be informed regarding the discussions and decisions, relationships formed, and any future collaboration with FFN. Any questions? Contact Annika Kay at 360-484-7103 or e-mail her at Visit their website at


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