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Carolyn Long profits off Washington seniors

To The Eagle:

Perennial candidate Carolyn Long is running sleazy ads about campaign contributions, but she's no stranger to questionable financial influence herself: her family’s retirement plans include up to $150,000 with pharmaceutical giants Merck, Sanofi-Aventis and Pfizer. Until 2019, her family income came from pharmaceutical sales.

If her situation’s changed, we wouldn’t know; Long’s failed to report her finances this year. Her legally required report is a month overdue.

So when Sanofi raises insulin costs by 700 percent, just remember it’s not Herrera Beutler but Carolyn Long who’ll be vacationing in retirement thanks to Sanofi’s profiteering off Southwest Washington seniors with diabetes.


Long’s request for extension of her more recent disclosure:

Sanofi raises insulin prices by 700%:

Anthony Ahrens



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