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Now he'll be home with a fever

To The Eagle:

 I recently read a great opinion piece written by a lady who said that “The next presidential debate should be moderated by a mother of pre-school children, if one can be found who actually has the spare time to do so.” Such mothers are experts at squelching the mischief making of five-year-olds and their endless rounds of “he started it!” and “he touched me” and “he said it first”, “did not!-did so!”

 President Trump’s dog apparently ate his homework prior to the so called “debate.” I’d say he earned a solid ‘F’ for his complete lack of just about everything. Now, it seems he may be opting for an excused absence from any further attendance. So, there is the sympathy vote to consider, and of course the conspiracy vote, as in “the danged Democrats put something in my water at the debate. I got a temperature. I don’t feel good. Can I stay home today?” I’m just saying. Lord bless the First Lady. When he’s underfoot it must be like trying to herd a bushel of snakes, and now he’ll be home with a fever.

Grace Ling

Puget Island


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