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Political signs, free speech and violence

To The Eagle:

Prior to the primary in August the chairs of the Democratic and Republican parties co-authored a joint letter to the community condemning political sign destruction. Sadly, destruction has continued.

We, all four candidates for county commissioner, join in encouraging our county residents to respect free speech and leave signs undisturbed. Our county believes in the rights of free speech and political discourse to determine our path forward, not violence. It appears that a few folks have been inflamed by rhetoric coming from outside the county to commit the violence of vandalism.

Stop and think. Where does this path lead? Let us not go down that path. Also, help us help those few others change their direction: if you see someone disturbing signs, please contact the county sheriff. And vote this fall. Thank you.

Position 1 incumbent Mike Backman, challenger Lee Tischer

Position 2 incumbent Dan Cothren, challenger Tim Lawry

PS: We are looking forward to our commissioner debate on Wednesday October 21, 7:00 p.m. on Zoom and YouTube.

Ron Wright for the

Wahkiakum RandDteam


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