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Questions that need real answers

To The Eagle:

Question 1. Would better forest management on the West Coast reduce the size and number of wildfires every year?

Question 2. What role do environmentalists play in forest management? Is it positive or negative?

Question 3. Why is it that there are so many moderate Democrats turning a blind eye to the Socialists in their party that want to turn the United States of America into Venezuela?

Question 4. What happened to our free press? It seems there is no more news reporting, just biased opinions about everything and everyone.

Question 5. Why can't people get it through their heads that you will have some crime, some racism and the like because none of us are perfect and you can not legislate a perfect society where imperfect people must continue to be able to think freely?

Question 6. I wonder how confused and afraid our very young must be when we adults cannot seem to find anything to agree on or work together to solve their or our futures?

I pray for our president, first lady and all those who have suffered because of the virus from China.

Paul Schreiber



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