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The pandemic has been politicized


October 8, 2020

To The Eagle:

Ballots are arriving and the political theater we usually enjoy has turned into a phantasmagoria, but you can sort it out by applying the investigative adage “follow the money.” The rioters are well armed, equipped, and many transported from melee to fracas, financed by a shady gang of plutocrats you can often find hangin’ out in Davos, Switzerland at economic summits and such, George Soros prominent among them. Same bunch that financed the caravans of miscreants from El Salvador and Guatemala that besieged the Mexican-U.S. border a couple of years ago.

The pandemic has been politicized to keep the economy and the schools shut down, which has poured money into union coffers (leaders, not rank-and-file) which in turn morphs into Democrat campaign funding. All this to try to defeat Trump and keep us dependent and laboring on the Democrat Plantation. The Democrat/Anarchist/Marxist/Information Technology (DAMIT) coalition is losing the battle on all fronts, despite the chimera presented by the mainstream media, but they have managed to foul up the mechanism of voting. Our state’s mail-in voting system is well designed and reasonably foolproof, although King County, like Cook County in Illinois and Dade in Florida, has the talent to foul up any kind of voting system.

Our county vote may not make a big dent in the national (presidential) effort, but we can make a huge difference locally by scrupulously avoiding the “D” column.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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