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We need a president who can be respected


October 8, 2020

To The Eagle:

 We need a president who can be respected by the world.

 Our current president’s own view of his position as President of the United States is a barrier to his ever becoming more than that.

 By overtly using his role to alienate our long-term allies, play up to dictators, pardon friends and damage opponents, he has revealed his true character. It is common knowledge that he openly and knowingly lies whenever it suits him.

 This self-serving behavior automatically disqualifies him from ever becoming a world leader. Once proven a faker a person can never be respected by the masses, no matter how many times they say they can out loud. The masses are smarter than that.

 We really need a president who can be respected in the eyes of the world. We need Joe Biden.

Vicki Bucklin

Puget Island


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