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Answers to questions posed by letter writers

To The Eagle:

Almost everyone agrees there could be better forest management, but most forests are federally managed, with Trump appointees running the departments. So?

I have been trying to find someone wanting our country to become Venezuela. Seems only Republicans have that idea; most Democrats would like to improve living standards and equality, for everyone, perhaps a little more like northern Europe. Republicans never refer to that democratic socialist segment with working capitalism: Denmark has the largest shipping line, registered in Denmark, while ours are in Panama, Liberia and such.

The one asking questions seems to think a little crime and racism should be accepted? Our young son is quite aware of what’s going on; sadly, he sees Trump as an extremely poor example of stability and humanity. I know for certain, who he would vote for if he could vote!

As for the free press, it’s still there; you just have to be smarter and separate facts and fiction these days, especially on 24 hour news. Evening news seems to be mostly news; that also used to be the only news.

Trump has politicized the pandemic with misinformation and outright lies detracting from the doctors and scientists. Failure to act decisively when the virus first arrived has kept us from improving on the effects of the virus killing thousands.

The informed among us are now finding out who the really well armed are! They are the same ones Trump has called “good on both sides” and then refused to denounce such, actually spurring them on, “free Michigan.” Trump's refusal to listen to the FBI, who told him so, is endangering us all!


Poul Toftemark



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