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Secretary of State debate in Wahkiakum

To The Eagle:

Last Wednesday we met Kim Wyman and Gael Tarleton up close and friendly in a virtual debate hosted by the Wahkiakum RandDTeam. Both candidates for Secretary of State were respectful of each other and appeared to enjoy the give-and-take of debate in presenting their views on issues of the day. They were friendly and having fun. The debate recording is available on YouTube at

By the time you read this our second debate of the season will also have been completed, featuring the LD 19 Senator candidates: Dean Takko, incumbent and Jeff Wilson challenger. Its recording will be available on the same YouTube channel: Wahkiakum RandDteam. The rest of our fall schedule, with links, is in The Eagle.

Ron Wright for the

Wahkiakum RandDteam


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