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We need to keep Dean Takko in Olympia

To The Eagle:

Given the current challenges we face due to the economic crisis, it is essential that the 19th District be represented by someone with an established track record of bringing dollars back to our county.

State Sen. Dean Takko has proven he not only understands the needs of Southwest Washington residents but helped secure the funding needed to address those issues. And that’s exactly what we need in Olympia. Now is not the time for rhetoric, it is time to return Dean Takko to the senate.

District 19 residents – do you really want to elect a freshman senator who will have to spend their time just getting up to speed? Now more than ever, we need an experienced legislator who can hit the ground running. We need a senator with a proven history of working to bring dollars home to support our local industries. Now more than ever, we need to keep Dean Takko in Olympia working for all of us.

Shari Phiel



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