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Believe the facts, not the lies


October 22, 2020

To The Eagle:

Jaime Herrera Beutler is a complete hypocrite as well as a liar. She freely admits how many times she voted to strip 20 million Americans of health insurance. Now she has the audacity to proclaim herself as the champion and savior of all things health insurance. For who? Maybe the 1 percent. Certainly not the self employed, the small business, the farmer, hair stylist, service worker, laborer, the unemployed, and millions of others who do not work for large corporations or government entities.

She tries to claim Carolyn Long will close hospitals. Hospitals only close when large numbers of people lose health insurance and can't afford even lifesaving care. She's also trying to scare people by saying Long wants to raise taxes for everyone. The truth is Long wants only the wealthy to pay more while Herera Beutler voted to give the largest tax break in history to the richest people in the country. Believe the facts, not the lies. We can't afford Jaime. Let's help her find a new job where she can avoid people full time.

Mariane Brightbill

Puget Island


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