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Get out and vote

To The Eagle:

This is the week that many of us will be voting and I would like to encourage people to vote for Carolyn Long. She seems to me to be a candidate who is genuinely trying to find out the needs and concerns of the people of this district. Her campaign has been largely supported by individual voters, not by support from the pharmaceutical industry or other large corporate donors. As such her only loyalties are to voters and not to corporate interests.

Her opponent appears to be pretty much owned by the drug industry, other large corporate interests, and the very high income group who have received extremely large tax reductions.

Historically it seems to me that Wahkiakum County and Southwest Washington have been better served by Democrats like Julia Butler Hansen than by Republicans in general and Jaime Herrera Beutler in particular.

Whether you agree with me or not, the important thing is to get out and vote!

Michael Linn



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