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I will vote only for Republicans

To The Eagle:

I don't like to see out of control riots in our cities, where people are being badly hurt and businesses looted and destroyed while Democrat governors, mayors and district attorneys watch and do nothing to stop it.

I don't care to live under Socialist/Communist government rule like the people of China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and the rest of those horrid regimes.

I love and respect our Constitution and want the Bill of Rights left intact for all of America's people.

I don't think defunding our police makes any sense and will only make our daily lives much less safe to live and enjoy.

I believe each and every one of us has the right of self defense so when the Democrats try to take your 2nd amendment away how will you defend yourself and loved ones? With a ping pong paddle?

I believe our country does more than its share to protect the environment, so I would suggest to the Democrats that they send their Princess Greta Thurnburg to China, Russia, India and all the other countries that really pollute our planet, that is if they really want to make a difference and not just destroy our economy and way of life.

I don't believe a vast majority of White, Black, Brown or people of any color are racists but I do believe what few real racists there are come in all colors not just white.

I believe the sole purpose Democrats use terms like White Privilege, Top One Percent and all the isms, phobias etc., is to stir up trouble and divide Americans by race.

I love seeing our manufacturing factories and jobs coming back to America where they belong.

I don't believe in packing the Supreme Court to override the will of the people and their elected Congress.

So for the above reasons and so much more I will vote a straight Republican ticket for the first time in my life.

Paul Schreiber



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