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We are capable of acting like adults

To The Eagle:

This is a quote that seems appropriate to share. “A person that normally cheats to win thinks the only way someone else could win would be by cheating.” What a sad indictment.

Unimaginable road blocks were put up to discourage voting. After voting by mail, vilified the very idea of anybody else doing the same. Reduced the number of polling places leading to hours long lines, removing drop boxes, putting a man in charge of the post office whose only qualification was to be a mega donor and personal friend, and threatening chaos which fortunately hasn't happened.

Inspite of this and perhaps because of this there were record turnouts for the election last week and the winner is clear to anybody that isn't in denial. Interesting to a fence rider and split ticket voter is the down ballot. GOP candidates did very well which makes one think this was a repudiation of Mr. Trump but not the party. Mr. Biden has a well documented history of being able to work across the aisle and is a friend of Mitch McConnell which will bode well for getting something done at long last.

After the dust settles let us hope that our country will rise above this, move on and really become great again. We are all Americans and are capable of acting like adults on the world stage.

James Roberts



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JBBouchard writes:

Well said James! My optimism is guarded nontheless. It's nice to see Trump rejected, but Republicans have not discarded Trumpism. They have had a taste of how effective athoritarianism can be and they're going to want more of it. That's the paradox of Fascism. Some folks love it as a way of keeping their neighbors down.