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Welcome to the Twilight Zone


November 12, 2020

To The Eagle:

Those of us of a certain age were bemused as the common hobgoblins of Halloween morphed into an election week phantasmagoria like a prolonged and tasteless episode of an old Rod Serling TV show. In Michigan, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, the Biden campaign used preternatural powers to raise the dead (hundreds of thousands of ‘em) and they all voted for Joe. That’s the spirit! Wisconsin had more votes counted than voters registered until fake fact checker Politifact got in to rearrange the numbers. In Philly the State Supremes illegally legislated to extend the poll closing deadline to allow time for Dem operatives to conjure up about 70,000 ballots, all miraculously marked “Biden” while Republican observers were ousted from the nefarious counting-house. Biden mail-in ballots are raining down like manna from heaven all across the country, while soggy clumps of military and absentee ballots for Trump turn up in ditches and dumpsters.

In the increasingly surreal background, the Republicans gained seats in the House, while the Senate remains a cliff-hanger because of contrived run-off races in Georgia. Notorious racist Trump did better with non-white voters than any Republican candidate since 1960, and also did spectacularly well with suburban women, who were also purported to hate him. Down the ballot in both candidates and issues, the entire country took a turn toward the conservative side – except in the presidential race, where Trump is projected to lose by the fake news media despite achieving better numbers in every area that counts.

That’s a snapshot; the situation will no doubt change as the Dem dementors and shape-shifters work their dark magic around the country and GOP elves search for legal votes amongst the counterfeit confetti and their legal eagles bring multitudinous voting fraud cases into the courts. Welcome to The Twilight Zone.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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