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Is journalism really dead at The Eagle?


November 19, 2020

To The Eagle:

It’s unfortunate that some folks think they should shoot themselves in the foot by declaring, “Please cancel my subscription to The Eagle” because they are displeased with not having enough complimentary coverage for their point of view.

I’ve noticed many letters to The Eagle lauding the soon-to-depart office holder (for now) in the White House. And, nothing is keeping the fans of conservative issues from submitting their version of the “many accomplishments of our president” (November 12 letter to The Eagle). Just be specific, not vague.

Those same people can also go to the sources. If you don’t want to read an article from the Associated Press, read another source of your liking. But, reading material from the AP is, never the less, informative even if one doesn’t agree with all that is put forth.

I only took one journalism class in university, but it was an eye-opener. I came to realize how much effort is required to substantiate printed material, fact or opinion. As the saying goes: “You have a right to your opinion but you don’t have a right to the facts.”

If you don’t like articles printed in The Eagle, offer some of your own, but cancelling local news is just ‘shooting yourself in the foot.’

Craig Brown



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