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November 19, 2020

To The Eagle:

Kudos to Mary Fine for her spot-on criticism of The Eagle’s ventures into national news coverage in her “cancel my subscription” letter last week, and while we heartily agree with her analysis, we’d like to sweet-talk her out of canceling. Here’s why:

At the advent of Donald Trump, the left-biased mainstream media went totally pro-Democrat/anti-Trump, and the Dems themselves led them on to Marxism and unremitting Trump hatred. Trump aptly dubbed this new edifice “fake news.”

The Eagle has excellent local coverage, but for news of the outside world must rely on the wire services (AP, Reuters), which have become just as corrupt and journalism-free as the rest of the mainstream media. The appalling AP article that appeared in the editor’s column last week is a case in point. That article specifically accused Trump of lying about several different types of voting fraud. Turned out his statements were not only true but rather modest – rampant fraud took place across the country including dead voters, absent voters, double voters, rigged machines, hacked computers, defective software, polling place thugs, counterfeit ballots and cloistered counting rooms, all of which are being duly castigated, investigated, and litigated.

If the legal conflict cannot be resolved by January 20, the Constitution directs that the president be selected in the House of Representatives with one vote per state. There are 37 Republican states and 13 Democrat states. If we are able to adhere to actual constitutional law, the results will be identical to the venerable card game Bridge – nothing beats Trump.

So we suggest that Ms Fine keep her subscription and use her obvious writing talents to join the merry band of local letter-writers who work to keep The Eagle out of the clutches of the dreaded fake news gang.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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