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We need to check every corner

To The Eagle:

"If you give a man enough rope he will hang himself." Right now the election situation is entertaining me. I don't care who won. I do care if the system works.

If Trump is right, and there was fraudulent events during the election: We need to know. A ship that has a hole will sink. Let's investigate. Make sure there aren't any holes. Best case scenario; no holes, ship is floating. Worst case scenario: the hull is designed like a collander and we all need to work together to fix it before we sink. Either way we are all still on a boat, together. So I say, go through the motions. Let the system do everything the system can to find some sort of way to find cheaters.

If it does it does. If it doesn't it doesn't. Either way using the system the way it was designed will only make the system stronger. If we don't go through the motions, even if it's just for good practice, we might be sinking without knowing it. I'd be able to sleep better knowing we checked every corner of the boat for leaks before we commit to sailing through the universe regardless of who is captain.

Kyle Rogers



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