What are you going to do?


November 26, 2020

To The Eagle:

Here we go again; another lockdown. I don’t like to label but it seems it’s mostly the Democrat states running the lockdown. President Trump is against lockdowns and would not order it saying it’s harmful to public health and the economy. We learned that to be true. He also would not mandate to wear masks; it’s our choice if we want to or not. The President encourages us not to let the virus dominate our life or be afraid of it. Look at him, he got it and he recovered as so many others. So what does our governor do? He completely disobeyed our president’s order and commanded a lockdown and mandated us to wear masks. We all know why; pure and simple he hates Trump. That is an abuse of power. He doesn’t care if he bankrupts us and America. Since Inslee disobeyed our president’s order, I say we disobey Inslee. If we don’t get paid, the government shouldn’t get paid. I hope that our law enforcement and our military that I have high respect for see this as a sensitive issue and will not follow governor’s order to arrest us simply because we disobeyed to open up shops or to not wear masks. Speak about disobey, what do you think Inslee, Brown and many others in their position did?

During these past months, many wore masks. Every day the media kept reports on the numbers of patients that got Covid as if to brainwash us constantly with fear. I bet you what won’t be reported are that over ¾ of them have worn masks and they still got sick; which shows a mask does nothing for you. Don't believe everything you read or hear.

What are you going to do?

Toni Below



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