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Done with politics, corona virus and masks

To The Eagle:

To individuals’ complaints regarding non-mask wearers, what is your problem? You’re wearing a mask supposedly to protect you from the virus and non-mask wearers. Do we spit or cough at your face? In fact, we respectfully stand at a distance. So what is your problem? I am not going to repeat myself but I stand by what I wrote in my past letters. Now that many months have gone by I am curious to know what the statistics are of those that got sick mask or no mask.

Joe who claims he’s president even though President Trump hasn’t conceded will mandate us to wear masks. That’s an absolute abuse of power, a violation of our constitutional rights and freedom. Yes, we are aware of the seriousness of the pandemic but forcing us to wear a mask is not about health issues anymore. It’s about politics, control and lockdowns; we all know lockdowns lead to loss of jobs, poverty, depressions and suicides.

Go ahead and laugh but we have communist China sneaking stealthily at our doorstep ready to take over. They hate us and have been studying our country for decades hoping to spiral our country downward by spreading propaganda through media mainstream. Thank goodness President Trump has severed ties with China and many foreign aids but Traitor Joe, and this is fact, will spend billions of our hard earned wages to reestablish ties with China and foreign aids with nothing in return. I’ll let you find the facts yourself. Speak about working with China in regard to the proposed Kalama methanol plant; that should be prohibited.

I’m neither a scientist nor a doctor. I don’t know squat but I am independent and know common sense and respect. I’m done with politics, coronavirus and masks. I am tired of it all but not tired to walk proudly with respect wearing no mask. I know many feel the same as we do and for some that have jobs, they have to wear a mask or they lose their jobs. That is a shame. To those not giving us a bad time, we thank you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Toni Below



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