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Civics no longer taught in schools


December 17, 2020

To the Eagle:

I am responding to last week’s letter regarding the “Big Lie.” I don’t believe there was widespread fraud involved with the election even though I think fraud exists in some precincts. The real Big Lie has been perpetrated by most of the major news organizations and of course social media. For four years news media and social media have been repeating, ad nauseam, how President Trump is a dictator. For four years disinformation has been all we’ve heard from them, all the while, censoring conservative posts and views. Fascism is defined as a form of far right authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy. So I’m curious, when people are dining and are accosted by protesters demanding they join the cause, isn’t that a characterization of fascism? We keep getting warned about the far-right, yet all the mobs demanding acquiescence are from the far-left. Mobs of protesters should not be able to control entire city blocks, yet they do. If you fear fascism then the actions of the far-left should definitely cause concern. Civics is no longer taught in school so people grow up ignorant about their own government and constitution, but they will readily join in on whatever is “trending“ on social media. Protesters are protesting their own constitutional right to free speech, the same constitutional amendment that makes protesting legal. This is today’s Democratic Party.

Joe Biden is no leader, so hold on tight, my fellow countrymen, it’s going to be a rough ride the next four years.

P.S. Shame on The Eagle for last week’s comic. We already have a significant population of anti-vaxers, your comic will help that population grow.

Tiffany Pierce



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