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Masks are our best defense against virus


December 17, 2020

To The Eagle:

The person writing the article in last week’s Eagle regarding wearing masks doesn’t seem to understand the #101 basics of wearing masks. Yes, they protect the person wearing it, but more importantly, wearing a mask lessens the chance of spreading the disease to others. Not wearing a mask while unknowingly infected can infect many, many people. Accordingly, mask wearing is a common sense safety courtesy. I repeat, a safety courtesy.

Her overall article is so polarized it hardly warrants a comment. I do wonder though what she would say if she needed an emergency operation and the surgical team all refused to wear masks while operating on her(?). Would she accept them saying “it’s a violation of their individual rights and freedoms” to wear masks that would protect her, and lessen the chances of her getting infections and possibly dying? Hardly think so.

She concludes her article saying she understands common sense and respect. Could have fooled me. Her defiance to simply wearing a mask in public, (for whatever her issue is) while thousands die nationwide is a sign of selfishness and gross ignorance. It’s people like this that help propel the escalating case numbers in both our community and nationwide. Let’s hope no one in her family or inner circle ever contracts Covid.

Bill Wainwright



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