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Vaccines do not prevent infection

To The Eagle:

Thanks for the two laughs while reading last week’s paper. Misinformation is rampant as two quotes exposed. “Vaccines are safe… The side effects are far outweighed by the disease you would get if you fail to get the vaccine.” This statement is true, but totally failed to directly acknowledge and boldly state that Covid vaccines do not prevent “infection” they only reduce the severity if you should become infected. Neither Pfizer nor Moderna vaccines provide “immunity” to the Covid virus (Google: Pfizer, Moderna, Mayo Clinc, CDC). The second chuckle was “You’re wearing a mask supposedly to protect you from the virus and non-mask wearers.” Once again on target about misinformation some retain. Mask wearing will not and does not protect the wearer from being infected with Covid or Influenza virus (WHO). What does protect you is your direct actions avoiding persons, places and objects where you are exposed to these viruses. Reality is vaccinations and proactive mask wearing measures, are inadequate in preventing your actual infection by Covid or Influenza viruses. Some people wrongly believe simply getting the vaccine makes them Covid bulletproof and they can go back to big parties, close contact with strangers, etc. Hu-hum, virologists have stated that Covid still has another 6-12 months before we round the corner on Covid disease transmission.

Sidebar note, I hope the courthouse HVAC update included 222nm UV lighting which does destroy airborne viruses like Covid and Influenza. This well documented known airborne virus killing tool is being used in hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, airports, etc., to kill Covid and Influenza virus in recirculated HVAC air. Keep smiling, stay safe and enjoy the coming New Year.


RA Fritz

Puget Island


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SteveFischer writes:

Are you a medical doctor - or scientific researcher? If you are you should certainly present your credentials when offering a medical opinion. If you're just some person off the street, which I suspect by your writing then you should leave this to science. Be honest either way. Did you know when the smallpox and polio vaccines were invented there were people like YOU telling the public not to take it. How mamy polio and smallpox cases do we have now?