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Do the right thing for the most vulnerable


December 24, 2020

To The Eagle:

As a loyal reader of The Wahkiakum Eagle's Sheriff's Report, I am seeing an increase in incidences of people locking their keys in their vehicles then calling 911. On the face of it, this seems like a trivial misuse of emergency services during a time of global pandemic, but if you look more closely, you see the beginnings of a social movement. This bold act of environmental activism could quite possibly stem the rise of global sea levels and lessen our dependence on foreign goods and oil. As a symbol, the act is electrifying. No more will this person add to their community’s carbon footprint with their exhaust fumes. This protest is memorialized with a call to 911, not to request any form of emergency services, but to warn civic leaders and government workers of a new dawn coming in geopolitical thinking. Keys definitely dangling in a locked car's ignition are a sign of the changing times. And if I had a car, I would gladly do the same in solidarity.

That being said, as a former Wahkiakum County resident, I'd like to weigh in on the vigorous vaccine debate happening in the Op/Ed section. I have seen people who have died from this nasty bug. It wasn't pretty. Also my mother walked with a cane all her life from having had polio. We as a nation don't have a modern day FDR or Elvis Presly to unify us and demonstrate the importance of getting this vaccine. But as adults and role models we can listen to experts and do the right thing for the more vulnerable. Kids are watching us. Believe what you will, but do the right thing.

Patrick Carrico

Former Wahkiakum Resident,

Author, Ballet Dancer



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