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Slush fund: where our money goes

To The Eagle:

I recently read about our government slush fund. I don't know how many of your readers know about this so I thought I'd enlighten them.

Here is where some of our money is going: 10 m. to Pakistan for gender studies; 300 m. to the carribean to study how many fish are in the sea; 506 m. to Central America for corruption (don't know if that’s for or against it); 500 m. to build a wall between Jordan and Syria; 1.3 billion to Egypt to buy weapons. These are pretty hard core.

Now for some–levity? 1.3 m. to study if Americans would eat bugs; 2 m. to see if hot tubs reduce stress; 1 m. to alleviate the fear of going to the dentist; 37 m. to get Filipino students to stop playing hooky; 1.5 m. to walk lizards on a treadmill; 6 m. for bike parking in D.C.; 4.5 m. to spray alcoholic rats with bobcat urine. And this is all coming out of our pockets!

Cathy Andree



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