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Christmas was quiet; crab feed canceled

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December 31, 2020

OFF AND ON--As I begin this column, we're having some of that mixed weather where it sunshines one minute and rains the next and sometimes it does both at the same time! It looks like we are still in for some showers this week but it is mixed with some dry days at the beginning of this week, so we'll take what dry weather we can get. Of course clear skies usually mean freezing at night, so here's hoping you've prepared your faucets properly for that, and your outside critters are getting some extra feed of good quality to help them fight off the chill. If current weather models hold, we will end 2020 with rain and start 2021 with the same thing; I do hope that's not a sign!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Dec. 31-Jan. 6 are Duncan Cruickshank, Charlene Montgomery, John Hoven, Greg Bain, Mary Gustafson, Bob Stewart, Jessica Moore, Robbie Kerstetter, Brooke Luthi, Jason Hoven, Adele Whittle, Taleah Wallin, Nicole Turgeon, Joe Montgomery, Scott McClain, Renee Rose, Andy Lea, Nancy Summerill and Jim Blain.

Belated birthday wishes to MacKenzie W., daughter of Mercedes (Pedersen) as she turned four years old last week.

Celebrating an anniversary this coming week are Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bigler. Hope everyone enjoys their special days this coming week!

LEFT OUT?--I'm guessing that the new folks in town are wondering how to get their names on the birthday/anniversary list, so I'll fill you in. The Wahkiakum Lions Club puts out a calendar every year with the names of those who would like to be recognized on their special days, but first, they have to be told about them, so if you're just new to the area, it's too late to be included on this year's calendar as it's already been published. However, if you want to make sure it's there for next year, be sure to contact one of the Lions members and get it included on their list. Call Carol at 360-795-3337.

For now, if you'd like to have your birthday or anniversary mentioned, just give me a call and I'll add you to my list, but remember, I turn in my column several days in advance of the published date, (like on Monday prior to Thursday's paper) so be sure to call me ahead of time so I can get it included for that upcoming week.

QUIET CHRISTMAS--I know some families still got together for the holidays, but at our house, it was just the two of us so it was pretty doggone quiet. I still managed to pull together a turkey dinner though, so the kitchen mess was still about the same but with less plates to wash afterwards! Thanks to technology, we had many "chats" with other members of the family, so we did manage to keep in touch with most everybody and we enjoyed hearing about their various family gatherings. With a little luck, we'll all have a more normal Christmas next year and this may just be a real good reminder to be thankful for the times we do spend together, as these unexpected things can pop up and take those things away from us, that we so often take for granted!

I was certainly appreciating the ole computer when it came to "seeing" my first great grandson over Christmas, as those first Christmases are always so special. With little Kaiden Good growing like a weed down there in Utah, and looking more like his Dad every day, we can only hope that next Christmas we'll get to see him enjoying those presents in person, as there's nothing quite like a toddler opening up those Christmas presents! Fun times ahead for sure!

SAD CANCELLATION--If you've lived around here very long, you'll know that we really look forward to heading to the Crab and Oyster Feed at the Rosburg Hall (community center) put on by the American Legion (Deep River Post #111 ) every year. Sadly, due to the current Covid restrictions, this end of January event has had to be cancelled. I cannot tell you how sad that makes me, as not only are we going to miss out on some awesome food, great raffles and a terrific time, but it's also a major financial loss for the group, as it's one of their biggest fund raisers, so this is truly going to be a hard-ship for them.

I've talked to some folks who said they'd be willing to help them out though, but beings I don't do "go-fund me" things via the computer, the best I can do is to give you the old-fashioned info so that you could send them a check or money order if you'd like to give them a little boost. Make your check out to the American Legion, D.R. Post #111 and mail your donation to: Richard Nikkila at 17 Wirkkala Road, Naselle, WA 98638. On your check you can make note that it is an A.L. donation. Remember, if everybody just gives a little, it will soon add up to a lot. No matter the amount, just know that it would be greatly appreciated.

SYMPATHIES--We want to offer our sympathies to the family of Steven and Laurie Williams on Puget Island, as just recently, Steven lost his Mother, Marjorie (Johnson) Williams. She also leaves behind her husband, Earl and three other children: Kerry, Todd and Ruth, with many grandchildren (13) and great grandchildren (31) and will be greatly missed by her entire family.

PICTURES ANYONE?--With my fellow writer from Grays River posting old pictures of things and telling of their history, I was wondering if anyone had any old pictures of the dance hall that used to be out here in West Valley? How about the West Valley School that was right across the road from the dance hall, which used to be called "Pumpkin Hollow" I'm told? With all the old timers leaving us, and maybe their kids getting all their old photos or scrapbooks, I was hoping somebody could come up with a few pictures from "way back when" out here in West Valley. Give me a call if you have anything. Thanks!

NEED TO UPDATE THINGS?--One thing that is apparent to me is the fact that people are moving here and there and forgetting to let family and friends know that the address they had for last Christmas, no longer applies. Please do everyone a favor, including your local postal people, and give your new/forwarding address to those who may need that information. There's nothing worse than sending a package to an address, at great cost, and then having it returned weeks later due to someone moving! So, as this new year begins, it might just be the perfect time to update any information that your family and friends would appreciate knowing.

THANK YOU--A big shout out to Janine Klint Davidson, as she has been posting lots of history lately on Facebook through the Wahkiakum East-Side History, People and Memories site and it's been very interesting to read all the articles and see all the pictures from back in the past. It's easy to forget what things used to look like, or just learn of new things that you never knew existed, so thank you so much, Janine; great job!

NEW YEAR'S EVE--As this column comes out on the last day of this year, or New Year's Eve, we certainly will be having a different kind of ending to it than in past years, as there will not be any special dinners or bands or fun times with our friends and other folks at our local Duck Inn, which is certainly a bummer. However, in our hearts, we'll be thinking of everyone and hoping and praying that this New Year brings positive changes for our businesses and for the many individuals who have dealt with so much adversity this year. Realistically, we all know that things will not just change magically simply because a date changes when the new year arrives, but one can always hope that it at least improves!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021, EVERYBODY!--Here's to having your New Year's resolutions reflect your actions this coming year by being kind, being helpful and being generous through your thoughts, words and deeds. Cheers!


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