Established as The Skamokawa Eagle in 1891

Helpful suggestion offered to paper

To The Eagle:

Dear Mr. Nelson, I appreciate all the work you do as editor of The Wahkiakum County Eagle.

I would like to ask you to reconsider your decision of not publishing letters that contain “fiction.” I believe it is valuable for each of us to have the opportunity of reading and judging for ourselves all the different points of view in the paper. I feel that it is important for everyone’s opinion, even an opinion based on false facts, to have a chance to be read.

I would like to suggest that you publish the objectionable letters and include with them an editorial note that explains what parts you think are inaccurate, if you strongly disagree.

We, as readers, shouldn’t be afraid to be confronted with how our neighbors think and feel even if they are deceived. How else will we know how to help them?

You do not have to publish this letter, but please consider my request.

Anna Zimmerman

Grays River


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