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Politics a barrel of laughs


January 14, 2021

To The Eagle:

My, how quickly things change. For the past four years, McConnell, Graham, Cruz and many other politicos have been waxing poetic about Donald Trump. Of a sudden it seems, fueled by what appears to have been a botched coup attempt or at best a rebellious bunch of spoiled children trying for insurrection, the game changed. The gentlemen mentioned above turned around so quickly that if they were tigers, their black stripes would be lying in the dust behind them leaving their true color.

American politics are a barrel of laughs for a planet starved for humor. You're welcome, World. Stay tuned for more excitement!

On a local note, the roll out of the first of two covid shots was very well organized and seemed flawless. Thanks to the local firemen and other volunteers for their work. Congratulations for a job well done.

James Roberts



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