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Writer recommends conservative newspaper

To The Eagle:

I emailed to The Longview Daily News to cancel my subscription. They replied back with the cancellation notice signed by a person with its “business card,” a circulation rep from the Mid-Valley Media Group, the Democrat Herald/Gazette-Times/Lebanon Express. No wonder, it’s a democrat newspaper and would only praise themselves but criticize the republicans, conservatives, independents and patriots with propaganda and bias.

President Trump promised an orderly transition on Jan. 20. He stated: “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!”

The media mainstreams made front page headlines saying President Trump finally conceded. Where in that sentence did he say “conceded?”

Once again, you cannot believe what you read in the media mainstreams. The big tech has banned/censored most all republicans, conservatives, independents, even frontline doctors nationwide and worldwide. What happened to our Constitution? Already we’re losing our Freedom of Speech and next they’re working on Rights to Bear Arms.

I know I mentioned this before but I like The Epoch Times newspaper. Yes, it’s conservative; still it reports news as it is without bias regardless what party we belong to. The Epoch Times reported a detailed description of the Jan 6 rally. Enclosed is the website but you may need to subscribe to read it:

Toni Below



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American writes:

I live in Maineville Ohio, my mother does also. She is eighty seven and has began to get dementia. She watches TV and gets the liberal media news paper from Cincinnati. I would like to find a Daily news paper that is conservative for her and cancel the other trash. She uses it to know what day it is, so we need to get her a daily paper.