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Nation sorely challenged in the coming years


February 4, 2021

To The Eagle:

The radical left has succeeded in ruining our elections, and all of us, republicans and democrats will reap the “rewards.” The nation is sorely challenged in the coming years and with the low intelligence of an ever increasing uneducated populace, freedom and liberty will not continue. Our children and grandchildren will curse us for losing human freedom. Our constitution was divinely inspired and it is being kicked to the gutter by the thoughtless and malevolent. The left will not be satisfied until they have complete and total power over all of us, yes, even us little folks out here in big tree river land.

The Democrats are not progressive; they are totalitarians. They are not liberal; they are out to abolish liberal value systems and create a status hierarchy where race, gender, and sexual orientation define and confine each of us to an unalterable place in the social order. If you are white or heterosexual, or religious you are guilty before the fact. The Democrat party has become racist and totalitarian. They believe whatever they do and get away with is okay. The Constitution be damned. As the old Bolshevik saying goes, “The end justifies the means.” Maximum power over each and every person is the goal. “Systemic” racism is a massive lie. The only reason they succeed with it is that Republicans and conservatives are too cowardly to confront them. Trump has been the only one to call them out for the racists and phonies they are.

We will be ruled and oppressed by a doddering old crook and soon his marxist running mate. How foolish and childish half of our population have become. God help us. The hate and the pain the left creates has to be defeated or we will lose this great “United States.”

Mike Swift



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