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God help us, you say?


February 11, 2021

To The Eagle:

A recent letter by a local conservative reactionary raises some questions and requires some rebuttal.

How have we lefties “ruined our elections?” Your answer will be more credible if it omits any mention of the thoroughly debunked charade of a stolen election.

You contend that “our nation’s freedom is sorely challenged by the low intelligence of an ever increasing uneducated populace.” Your presumption that the uneducated lack intelligence is both insulting and false. Admittedly, our former paragon of presidential ignorance did indeed endanger our freedoms because he was not intelligent enough to properly conduct the nation, and proved stupid enough to think he could lie and bluster his way into a second term. In a blatant distortion of the factual narrative, our conservative sage attempts to project onto the Democrats, responsibility for damages done under the grim, monstrously cynical precepts of the Republican catechism. It reminds me of how Trump accused voters of cheating even as he defrauded them, or shouted “stop those thieves!” when he was the one who was attempting to do the stealing.

We are expected to believe the author’s deadpan delivery that for the last four years, it’s actually always been the Democrats who were racist and totalitarian, who justified using any and all odious means, “kicking the Constitution into the gutter” to grab and hold onto power. The irony is too rich! To find out after all, that it’s the progressive liberals who are responsible for mankind’s fallen state!

“God help us” you say? In Her omniscience, She must certainly know better than to get involved in religion or politics.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


Reader Comments(1)

Gomer writes:

I do admire JB Bouchard’s way with words. On another topic, maybe the Eagle should question the Town Council on why they voted to lower one of their owns utility bill. I must pay the same but I live alone and do not own a hotel while also collecting rent from two retail shops.


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