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Sports should wait until schools completely open

To The Eagle:

As most people know the school district is taking great strides to bring back sports for the students. While sports might be important how can this be more important than the students’ education and safety?

The school has set up a COVID policy that is strictly enforced which includes things like cohorts to keep children separated. Sports by their very nature go against this cohort plan. If the cohorts are so important then sports can not be allowed. Also how are we starting up sports again when our students are not allowed to go to school five days a week? Isn't the main job of a school to teach? If that is their job then shouldn't that be the focus?

Once every student can go back to five days a week school in person then the sports should be started back up, not the reverse. I am not saying that sports shouldn't happen. I am saying as a tax payer the education of the students should come first. I know this is a sensitive subject but I believe it should be brought to the full public’s attention.

On this topic our school board should have consulted the public to find out their opinions, since they are in charge of allocation of public money. In conclusion, this is my opinion and may not be with the majority view, but I feel it needs to be said.

Chris Garstki



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