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Democrats no longer for working people

To The Eagle:

If there is anyone with a few active brain cells that thinks the presidential election was on the up and up, then I want to sell some land at the beach when the tide goes out.

The leftist prolific letter writer to the editor on the Island should stop commenting about things he seemingly knows little to nothing about like God and common sense.

The Democrats are at it again. How do you impeach someone from office that's not in office? Another hateful hit job by those leftist political pathological liars that proclaim their desire to unite the nation.

A nation without borders will always invite many of those that want to do us harm or just simply live off of the hard work of others.

The Democrats will surely do two things to raise energy costs on all families and send the jobs that President Trump brought home right back overseas.

I find it very sad that any working man or woman that voted for Biden found out in his first day in office that he killed thousands of good paying jobs with the stroke of his pen, example: Keystone pipeline and a lot more to come.

When will people realize the Democratic Party is no longer the party of working people but is the party of those that think they are entitled to a percentage of what others work for everyday.

God bless those that love this country, the rest of you can take a long walk on a short pier.

Paul Schreiber



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