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Our community needs to stand up

To The Eagle:

I would like to draw attention to our state’s current mask guidelines regarding sports. This guideline requires masks to be worn at all times with the exception of cross country who can pull theirs down after their race begins.

I firmly believe we are putting our kids at a huge risk by requiring this. Per the CDC guidelines, it is also unsafe. CDC guidelines, in short, say if masks get wet or sweaty, they need replaced, they should not be worn with mouth guards and helmets, outdoors, there’s less need for them, indoors – ventilation and high ceilings can help with them not being worn.

If we are going to look to the CDC to have guidelines to trust, our state should be following as well. The state of Washington is going above and beyond to a dangerous point, this is not a case of more is better. So many kids are not playing sports at all due to this, further damaging our children and community.

We need to do better to keep our kids on fields and courts, instead of putting them at higher risk of injury. This should not be a “at least they get to play” scenario. The previous standards served us well and for a long time, they need to be used now as well. When we know better, we should do better. We know the previous standards (pre-covid) were safe, reliable, and effective. Sometimes, the knowing better and doing better, means returning to previously used systems instead of creating new ones.

Our district and community needs to stand up and stop this from getting worse. Let’s stand up together and help our kids and community move forward, not back.

Kristen Stebbins



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