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Biden actions leading to myriad of problems

To The Eagle:

. . . Meanwhile, gas prices soar, unemployment rises, energy independence dies, Middle East peace falters, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China resume sabre-rattling, illegal immigrants advance on the border, and our allies falter, all inspired by Potus Usurpus’ flurry of executive orders and imperial edicts, against the backdrop of a badly botched covid recovery and vaccination program. All this while our Congress amuses itself with an unconstitutional faux impeachment of private citizen Trump based entirely on lurid fantasy. Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns!

In the midst of this, our friend and neighbor emits a wail of anguish over our sudden loss of individual freedom, dignity, and the wonderful progress made under MAGA, and ends with the a prayerful “God help us” for those who have felt the sting of a dishonest defeat and fear a dark and uncertain future.

Another writer finds this merely part of the “monstrously cynical precepts of the Republican catechism” and ends with a dollop of religious mockery – a shameful performance.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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