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Local government has been very responsive

To The Eagle:

I’ve been a resident of Wahkiakum County since 2012, having lived in Portland, Oregon for 35 years; and I can tell you, that the county’s local government, particularly during this pandemic has been very responsive.

I’ve been impressed that I and other residents can reach out to our county commissioners and in short order actually get a return phone call! And it’s reassuring when county health department folks actually answer the phone and reach out to residents to get them vaccinated.

While Washington State’s overall vaccination rate is now at 12.3-percent of the state’s population (February 23, 2021), Wahkiakum County has vaccinated 19-percent of its residents. Good Job!

In closing I want to thank Gina Robbins (Office Assistant Wahkiakum County Health) for taking my calls and tolerating my impatience these last 10 weeks regarding scheduling my wife and I for the vaccine.

Thanks to all of you for doing a great job!

Frederick Lehr

Grays River


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