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Blatant irresponsible behavior exhibited


March 4, 2021

To The Eagle:

The other day I had the chance to talk with one of our school's teachers and found out, to my surprise that they had refused the vaccine for Covid-19.

I think that our teachers should be required to take this vaccine due to their ongoing interaction with their students and their community. If I was superintendent it would be “Take the vaccine and continue teaching or be barred from teaching at our school.”

This may sound harsh and possibly the teachers union would have something to say, but I feel that this person’s decision not only has physical risks to them, their family and everyone they come in contact with but it also sends the wrong message to the very students they teach.

These vaccines will be the main reason for our country to get back to something like normal and it is not a “risk” to take them, it is a “risk" to not take them.

Eric Skemp

Puget Island


Reader Comments(1)

MuleParent writes:

Aren’t our kids forced to be vaccinated in general to be allowed to attend school, for the better of everyone around them, and now even against religious practice. I may just have to agree with this writer.


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