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Moving forward

To The Eagle:

A big thank you to Wahkiakum Health Department, for their well organized covid vaccine distribution; they just called for appointment for my wife, I got both mine, with only a little tiredness after second one. Also for the fire department for their contribution.

It's almost a year that we have followed the mask and distance recommendations, which 45 downplayed to the detriment of so many. It's just over a month since Biden won the election fair and square, though many on the right still dispute that. “The Big Lie” which I have mentioned over the last six months, in several posts, is now being twisted around by a repeat writer of nonsense, who also downplays the virus response.

Way to go! Repeat the lies enough times is the whole story of that Big Lie, then people who want to then do believe it. How many times was “Stop The Steal” shouted at the Capitol insurrection. Just yesterday, Rep. Scalise twisted himself into a pretzel to avoid a clear answer to the legitimacy.

There were indeed some votes fraudulently cast, but there were from both sides, though very few. The much bigger impact on voting is voter suppression, gerrymandering and other false news, of which 45 started before he became 45, continued throughout and to this day! I saved some of the, in my opinion, silly letters from The Eagle, like “Will Joe donate his salary?” Hmm, he isn’t a billionaire like 45 claims, but he saves much by not golfing! Same person claims to continue to fight for the one term twice impeached president to keep us united.

Democrats are now trying to get help to small businesses and laid off workers. That idea seems now to be against Republican theme of tax breaks for rich and corporations; the tax cut and spending bill could cost $5.5 trillion through 2029. Mostly went to buy back shares of stock to improve their worth and never trickled down! Now they all of a sudden became fiscally aware.

This is needed. If enacted, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would help protect voters from racial discrimination and vote suppression.

Poul Toftemark



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