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Arrow Rose


Since the quarantine started, Arrow Rose has been spending more of her time cultivating one of her hobbies, and lately she's been thinking of making it a career.

"I've really been into doing nails, and watching a lot of nail videos," she said. "I want to go to a beauty school and study cosmetology. I want to open my own salon. I've always been into doing nails. When I was really young, I got a lot of nail stuff to do it. At Christmas, mom got me this nail kit that came with gel, and good stuff that I really wanted to start using."

Arrow is an active young woman who has participated in volleyball, basketball, and softball.

One season of softball was enough, but she started playing basketball after she moved to the community in fourth grade, and started volleyball in middle school.

"I wasn't into sports before I moved here," Arrow said. "I was really into dressing nice, and being girly and I didn't like anything outside. I didn't like sports that much, but in fifth grade, Tina and Jansi Merz got me into doing basketball, and I thought it was something I really wanted to do forever. I proceeded to do it every year, playing on tournament teams every weekend with the girls in my fifth and sixth grade classes. When we started to play in middle school, and had to learn new plays, I really liked it."

Kayli Hurley is Arrow's favorite teacher. She's also her volleyball coach.

"Mrs. Hurley is always willing to help me and is really caring, and willing to listen if I have an issue. As a coach, she's super great. She's really positive and lifts us up if we get in a slump in a game."

Para-educators Nicole McKinley and Steve McClain have made a world of difference too.

"Nicole always makes me laugh," Arrow said. "I could be having a really bad day, but she always makes sure that I'm okay. She's always good to go to if I need help. And Steve is so great. He always helps me with everything. He's a really good teacher. He makes me laugh all the time, he's just an amazing person."

Arrow is especially enjoying her history class right now. They are focusing on Asia this week, and she's preparing a presentation on Thailand.

"It's fun to learn things about the world," Arrow said. An added benefit is a growing interest in seeing that world.

Arrow is the daughter of Laura Rose and Del Rose.



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