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Not censorship but editorial discretion


March 11, 2021

To The Eagle:

Excuse me sir, I did not suggest restricting free speech. I advocated separating the wheat from the chaff. I prefer to see printed here, items of quality. Naturally, what one considers trash, another might consider to be treasure.

Our opinion forum has limited space. Only so many words will fit. When the editor sets my opinion aside so that another’s might be published instead, that is not censorship. That is editorial discretion. I’ve suggested that our editor’s discretion should favor civility over derision and facts over fantasy.

Webster’s more accurate definition of Fascism is “A political movement, philosophy or regime that exalts nation and race above the individual, in a centralized autocratic form of government, headed by a dictatorial leader, with suppression of any opposition.” That also sounds like Trumpism to me.

Having tasted the power of the presidency and faced with losing it, Trump made a desperate fascist grab for unlimited power, but his attempted White House coup failed. God bless America.

Grace Ling

Puget Island


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