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Conservative liberal or liberal conservative?


March 18, 2021

To The Eagle:

I find myself in my 78th year more confused than ever and it's not alzheimer's. I'm not sure if I'm a conservative liberal or a liberal conservative. I firmly believe, although it's really not my business being a man, that all women should have total control over their reproductive issues. The right to life until birth folks are way off base on social issues. The planet’s population is straining the natural resources nearly to the breaking point so go forth and multiply might have worked at one time but is ridiculous now. The same folks against abortion are all too often against sex education, too. Go figure. And for the record, no baby has ever been killed by abortion. Learn some science so you don't appear ignorant.

I agree that Trump should be lauded for the Operation Warp Speed that got vaccines for the current pandemic in record time. I don't agree with him for inciting a riot and spreading misinformation about the election that he clearly lost. I appreciate the fact that he didn't get our country into another endless and mindless war. I don't appreciate him sucking up to the right wing so called religious nuts and having a bromance with some of the planet's most despotic leaders.

On another subject. Do I think if I slipped on a bra and some panties I should be able to play on women's sports teams? Of course not! Why is that idiocy even in the news?

While our country is enmeshed in utter nonsense like the gender of a plastic toy, China is making nice with countries all over Africa, Central and South America, developing trade while we twiddle our thumbs.

Oh well, spring is clearly on the way so enjoy the day, stay safe and have a good life.

James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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