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Writer weighs in on Biden administration


To The Eagle:

There was a puzzling dearth of letters in last week’s Eagle. Expectations were high that the merry band of critics who dedicated so much time warning us of the perils of the Trump tyranny would be out in full force to celebrate the spectacular successes of the Biden regime, accomplished in a dazzling 60 day performance: 57 executive orders, notices, administrative orders and security memos, saving us from Trump’s dastardly plots.

The child cages on our southern border are humming along at 1500% of their capacity. We’ve welcomed over 100,000 undocumented migrants with open arms, and many have been transported to hotels and care facilities in several states with the enthusiastic support of American taxpayers. Americans have also been relieved of the onerous responsibilities of energy independence, and 18,000 unemployed pipeline workers are excited about their new future as computer coders. The Little Rocket Man has gone back to playing with his missile toys in North Korea, Iran’s mullahs are getting their benevolent nuclear program back on track, and Russia’s Putin is back to enjoying his oil monopoly in eastern Europe. The House of Representatives has passed HR1, which codifies the advanced voting techniques that got Mr. Biden elected, which many of us mistakenly considered illegal.

Even in the absence of the pro-Biden chorus, The Eagle came through with articles describing progress in defunding and disarming police, getting ethnic studies included in school graduation requirements, passage of a 1.9 trillion dollar Covid relief bill (9% of which actually went toward fighting Covid-19), and reassurances that our kids will be protected from Native American imagery in school. We also learned that suicides will be reduced by taxing our phones, and that our local law enforcement will enforce the law for the “protected groups” we were all so worried about.

Our benign president has overcome Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic (nearly nine months to develop vaccines) and has announced that if we all behave obediently and correctly, he may allow us to gather with a few friends and relatives for July 4th. Hooray!

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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