Commissioners plan gun rights resolution


Wahkiakum County commissioners plan to consider a resolution voicing opposition to any possible legislation that would infringe on a person's Second Amendment right to bear firearms.

Commissioner Dan Cothren raised the issue at Tuesday's commission meeting, expressing concern that political extremists are pushing legislation that would infringe on gun owners' rights.

He urged his fellow commissioners to adopt a resolution based on one adopted by Cowlitz County's board of commissioners. It would simply be a statement supporting Second Amendment rights, he said.

"All we're asking is to abide by the Constitution," he said. "So I would like to have the board put it on the agenda for next week . . . It would be a message to our legislative folks."

Fellow Commissioners Gene Strong and Lee Tischer concurred and said they would ask the prosecuting attorney to prepare something for consideration.

Sheriff Mark Howie also agreed, commenting that he thinks a provision in an initiative approved statewide two years ago contains a provision that requires locking up guns stored in homes violates the state and federal constitution.

"I agree," said board Chair Gene Strong. "We need to make a statement. We do not want to give up these rights."


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