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To The Eagle:

Last year, in May 2020, President Trump received letters from over 600 doctors. They criticized how Fauci’s past and current lockdowns caused thousands to suffer negative health consequences including deaths; that Fauci manipulated the FDA to suppress HCQ that could’ve prevented many deaths; that wearing masks does nothing to prevent Covid. Because of these letters, President Trump did not mandate lockdowns and wearing masks.

That said, if President Trump followed doctors’ advice, why didn’t the governors follow? They all knew. Instead, they disregarded doctors’ advice and ordered lockdowns and to wear masks. Why? I wrote to Inslee about that and he never responded.

This Phase 1, 2, 3, 4 is a farce. Every day is front page news about covid. What they’re not telling you, did they wear masks? My niece, my cousins, friends all got covid. They all wore masks and recovered. Unfortunately, deaths do happen as do cancer, diabetes, e-coli, etc.

The MSM banned and censored doctors and conservatives’ websites. Why? Who controls MSM?

Last year, in Oct 2020, doctors nationwide met and stood on the steps of SCOTUS closely side by side not wearing masks. They each took turns and explained that Covid is real but not to fear it; they talked about HCQ, lockdowns and the downsides of wearing masks.

One of the doctors, Dr. Simone Gold, ended her talk “And the final call to action for all Americans: so-called experts keep telling you that a bandana can stop a virus that is 1000x smaller than a hair. How stupid do they think you are?! To all Americans we say: We will be fooled no longer! The tiny Emperor Has No Clothes!”

Many citizens are catching on to this farce because they’re organizing a Million Maskless March/Mask Burning Protest at Ft. Lauderdale on April 10, 2021.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Toni Below



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